Kenneth Denton has been recognised with such accolades as the highly selective and sought after membership of The Royal Society of Marine Artists of which he is a committee member  as well as Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts and International Society of Marine Painters and is  currently President of the East Anglia Group of Marine Artists 

After the Rain Malden

After the rain, Maldon         Oil on Board

He has been awarded prizes including the HUNTING GROUP AWARD for best painting in the exhibition as voted by the visitors.

Denton has appeared on Television, his work has been subject to critical acclaim and examination by scholars, on programs such as the BBC's "Open University". He has become the subject of articles in magazines and is listed in many books, including "Who's Who and "Debretts".

To all those who have the pleasure of a painting by Denton on their wall, whether in the boardroom or home, there is without doubt, a satisfaction in being able to participate in the career of an artist who, will surely be remembered as one of the outstanding painters of his time.

An artist who has inspired others to write of him:

"A painter of superb ability. His lyrical handling of pastoral scenes and marine subjects is in a class of its own with generous emphasis on sky design, and mature, rich and sonorous colour."

 "When one sees examples of Kenneth Denton 's Landscapes, one wonders why so much attention is given to the Victorian Artists at the expense of latter-day painters"

"Kenneth Denton is clearly an artist formidable in talent and superb craftsmanship."