Kenneth Denton Paintings

Over his career Kenneth Denton has created many paintings and sketches. His two main themes being Landscape and Marine.  He has been known to comment that you would find it hard to spot a painting by him without water appearing somewhere, even if only in rain puddles!

Denton has primarily worked in the medium of Oil on Board during his career. However there are a few early examples of Oil on Canvass and Watercolour's

In common with many Artists Denton also made many sketches and photographs on location in preparation for the finished artwork which was usually completed in his studio in Norfolk.

We are attempting to build a catalogue of his work and it is fortunate that at the peak of his career during the 80's and 90's he had the foresight to have much of his work professionally photographed complete with colour bars. This enables us to pre-produce some of his paintings in the exact tones and colour in which  they were  originally created. The reproductions that are available for sale are display on the prints for sale page and are available on canvass and high quality art paper. These paintings are carefully reproduced by the Denton family to ensure a faithful and accurate representation.

We also have a number of examples of his work which are not of sufficient quality to pass our high standards for reproduction. Examples may be viewed using the navigation to the left. We welcome any photos of work that collectors care to send us and of particular help is to include the information on the rear which enables us to identify the date of the painting. We will happily feed this information back to the contributor and the work will be incorporated into the catalogue of Denton paintings on this website.

In addition to his Landscape and Marine paintings, Kenneth Denton is also recognised for his skills in graining and marbling of which examples are shown below. We will also feature further examples of this work in the future

Graining panels by Kenneth DentonMarbel Panels by Kennth Denton